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 3. Departure.

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PostSubject: 3. Departure.   3. Departure. Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 6:48 pm

Lu was standing under the tree on this tree, ChuMing shouted:Air Jordan Shoes "smelly boy dare you Wolf ran, fear of being chewed! Grieve me!"And also on the sidelines say with smile: "unexpectedly ChuMing you at a young age will have so refined taste, ha ha, when really made by someone admire ah."The Wolf woman saw two people of what is rapidly Wisconsin breaks, there is a deterrent feeling, heart, and fear, and have a slight ChuMing close by.ChuMing see two people comes viciously, indiscriminate smile of the scold, suddenly also said of air, countered: "nonsense what ah! I go out last night to urinate, is her by wolves besieged save me out!" Wanted to think, should not be lying.Lu had looked at the Wolf woman, saw her beauty such as age and little fairy, but another look just found her in untidy clothes like a messy hair vice encounter the appearance of molestation.
Suddenly spirit not dozen 1 come, way: "rabbit! You talk nonsense,Jordan Shoes big night what the run around is not wolves chewed unexpectedly still... and......" Say pointed to the Wolf woman, way: "small age will make so having an affair, you this boy, as it was I spoiled!"ChuMing looked at feel is jumped into the Yellow River also wash not pure, then turned to the only better way: "the billow a Wolf woman, you explain it to they hear ah, I really didn't do anything!"The Wolf woman looked lu, and turned once and ride ChuMing worried look at the appearance, originally not quite understand human accident she also don't know, had to say: "explain, what?" A pair of don't quite understand appearance elicited this ChuMing nearly took a real bummer.Lu had heard Wolf woman so say, added fuel to the fire, way: "smelly boy, you dry and it dried up, man TuiSanZuSi can quit so the!
You this let somebody else a small girl explain!Cheap Jordan Shoes You shameless somebody else will face!"Chu and lively collapse, so down all his life he must carry want to do but didn't do but being mistaken for done under heaven, so the big wronged him to another way: "she spoke not too fluent, and so some renqingshigu nor too understand, that you asked him what he did for me, you ask not!"Lu has frowned, way: "your boy crazy pull, take a girl did not speak fluent, don't understand renqingshigu!"ChuMing big nasty, way: "explain up trouble is, are you willing to listen to!" Is not too believe lu had will listen to his explanation of muzzle.Lu had great anger, way: "that you explain that I listen, if nonsense words several carcinogenic or teratogenic heterocyclic hydrocarbons, I in this went out you this little loser!"
ChuMing vomitted tone, finally is first put things down,Nike air jordans so he instability himself last night's experience all say again, lu had initially don't believe, but got the Wolf woman confirmed ChuMing words after the believed finally. In the next ride is listening to old interested.So after a while, lu had interest to anger, under way: "the boy later still dare to run see me not to smash your ass!"And also beside a way: "brother this walk can be anxious that bad old man, his old man's house? Land transport sufficient force fully but run more than ten miles a fangyuan? And harm of you take uncle I almost couldn't keep up with give behind."Lu has snorted.ChuMing know lu was very caring about yourself, start from his small with this he, he hasn't been been unkind to oneself, often poor old man of 60 he a grudge eating more something, some food for herself.
ChuMing although often and he noisy but never a dislike for ChuMing had once for land,jordan sneakers land than his father had kissed, and kiss grandpa is not such land has to.ChuMing smile, saying: "grandpa mo mad, I this not in this? And how are still again prepared under it, all quick classification city, ha ha." to?Lu had white his one eye, way: "you is also know qingzhou city ah, that you are quick to give me down!"ChuMing nodded, a pull over the Wolf woman, beside the way: "the zha go down."The Wolf woman nodded, was ChuMing hemp with trees, then looked at a lookout behind bush, then at the ChuMing lookout.This ChuMing watched her appearance, knew she was wanted to return to the wolves, one day of saw several strangers sure let her feel not accustomed to.
The Wolf female small hum a few sound, behind the bushes moved move,retro jordans ChuMing felt is next to the wolves, ride the land once and is staring at the shrub, if wolves, he attacked two people will be shot beat the wolves.See shrub moved many times and stopped, seems to be the Wolf female stop.ChuMing since and Wolf woman after to Wolf has been will encounter the vague affection, this the next oneself again must have to qingzhou with lu, Wolf female don't know will do, so suggested: "you follow us, lanshi with wolves, don't together. It's not for girls."The Wolf female twist back in, poker face looked at ChuMing, wanted to think, then shook his head.The Wolf female and wolves life already for a long time, because I this how can the boy changed life into chaos?ChuMing smirking little shakes his head, then a way: "I have to go to a trip to qingzhou cities in resolving the flat uncle poisoned, otherwise I won't survive this year.
So it looks like we have to distinguish?"Air Jordan Shoes ChuMing pointed to the qingzhou city direction.The Wolf female hear that, or deadpans, but pulled ChuMing hand don't release.ChuMing see her like that, and also had a vague happy, way: "don't you like me to leave?"The Wolf woman nodded.ChuMing said, with a smile: "if I stay here at the end of the word will then send died poisoned, you can take me for meat to eat well."The Wolf woman listenned to this words, head wave more severe.And continental had seen this ride two children, started the imp big who think it's funny.More on a stormy, way: "brother this plot can not unlock ha, I wait for you in the distance with Mr. Lu, generation you two individually heel come up." Then the land had whispers two sentences, and the land was nodded and ride the vanguard walk. And ChuMing see these two people walk out several zhangs far asymptotic, turn to, way: "you and the site is here.
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3. Departure.
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