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 Make Way for Generation Y

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PostSubject: Make Way for Generation Y   Make Way for Generation Y Icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 7:04 pm

Technology Is in Their DNA:The biggest difference between Generation Y and older generations: The Millennials "familiarity with technology. Gen Y is their teeth on computers and digital media.Women's Adirondack Boot More than any other segment of the population, Gen Y see technology as theimproving the quality of their lives - to make work easier, enabling them to better manage time and family and friends is over. 90% of Gen Y having attained theage of 18 use theInternet. 75% use social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 60%them toWireless Web access while traveling. 83% keep their cell phone nearby, day and night, awake or asleep. Two fifths n 'not even have a landline.
Diversity, Diversity, Diversity:Gradual changes in racial and ethnic population as a whole are more concentrated in the younger generation, because most immigrants are young adults and because Hispanic families in the U.S. tend to have more than the average number ofchildren. Thus, only about 60% of Gen Y over the age of 18 are white, compared to 65% of everyone in the U.S.Women's Kenly About 20% of boomers are young adults ofHispanic. About 13% ofthem are blacks. In contrast, only 10% of Boomers are Latino and 11% were black. For thenow, generation X - the small cohort between baby boomers and Generation Y and now aged 30-45 - has the highest proportion ofAmericans born in theabroad, mainly because thatthey have the same age as most new immigrants. As Generation Y moves in this age group,age, its share of non-originating will swell.
But They'll Need Some Coaching:But 20-somethings may be clueless on thelabel traditional workplace. Used to send text messages, some may require the?one or two to communicate clearly and appropriately with customers,ugg Women's Caspia colleagues and bosses. Encouraged from thechildren to see themselves as special and find their own modes ofself-expression, of Gen Y are perplexed at theidea that their usual dress n 'is not necessarily appropriate office. Thus, companies are turning to the explicit dress code: No tank tops, flip flops or shorts, for example. And no visible tattoos. For Gen Y, tattoos are common: 40% have at least one. 18% have six or more. Over one quarter of the millennium have a body piercing that doesis not in a earlobe.Millennials have different expectations about their jobs and careers than previous generations. They 'expect this work to be fun and meaningful. Little 'sstick to a job thatthey don 'not like just for a paycheck. Two-thirds of Gen Y who are already employed s'expect to change theemployment during their life. 62% of Generation X and 84% of baby boomers plan to stay with their employers. As a group, Generation Y feels an attraction to help make the world a better place,Women's Gissella so that companies that try to do good appeal.Personal include relationships are paramount. Gen Y find jobs through friends and want to work with friends. Loyalty is a person - the boss - not thecompany. And time is more preferred that themoney. Millennials want flexible hours and may prefer extra vacation time for cash bonuses.
They Offer a Lot to Employers …:In addition to having a technological expertise that can not be beat, Gen Y are well educated. One in five people over the millennia ofage of 18 have already obtained their grad?me ofcollege;quarter ofthem work on grad?my ofgraduate studies. Another fourth in college and about 30%, but not now with theSchool 'sexpect to get a grad?me.Women's Roslynn They are on track to beat all previous generations. Gen Y are also well traveled. Approximately one quarter ofGen Y million study toabroad each year. They are culturally thanks in part to their studies at theabroad and the diversity of their peer groups. And Millennials are accustomed to working in groups. Ofpreschool, they have learned to work collaboratively with members of thestronger team helps toothers.
A Value-Conscious Crowd:When it 'sacts ofSilver, Gen Y are different from their a?born, but it may come to resemble more of previous generations as they pass through the stages of life, marriage, family, retirement, etc.Women's Adirondack Boot on.For now they are less acquisitive than their Baby Boomer parents, steering away from this thatthey see as conspicuous consumption. When they pass, Gen Y are aware of the value - perhaps because the technology allows you to find the best buy advertising does brainer.Traditional-n 'not a lot of street cred. Millennials are more likely tobuy based on recommendations by peers. And they are somewhat more willing than their a?born consumers to pay more to protect theenvironment.
Home Is Close to the Hive:Despite the Great Recession, Gen Y are not shying away from the dwellings of thepurchase, and there is evidence that some do more t?Does that their brothers and s?Older sisters and parents.Women's Retro Cargo Pushed to make the jump by pricedeadweight and credit of theUncle Sam toimp?Does federal homebuyers, about one in three 18 - to 32 years is already owner ofa house. Most, however, seem to follow the typical pattern ofpurchaseabout 30 years, assuming that thesour economy and stricter lending standards allow it.The houses thatthey buy are often smaller and smaller lots, more typical. And not long journeys for them. Look for Gen Y look big in the suburbs with walkable urban center with restaurants, shops and other gathering places.Women's Retro Cargo Some are even passing upaltogether.Despite in possession ofa car on the challenge ofinput of theage in the midst of the Great Recession, Gen Y are remarkably optimistic. As a group, they are confident about their future and willing to face the challenges life brings. They 'hear well with the older generation - their parents and grandparents - in spite ofstaining and more liberal social policy.
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Make Way for Generation Y
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